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This week saw Chris walking two steps forward to three back as she is trying to wrap her mind around the technology we have come to depend on so much to get our writing out there. Oh, the days of pens and SASE! Check out her blog and if I here a suggestion, Chris: how about you try walking this one backwards. That way you'll be ahead one step each time.

Sue, after receiving her good news, has left us some stimulating prompts. I particularly like the extra little challenge with the pictures. She also invited us to join a 50 word writing prompt, deadline March 28th and link provided. Alyson is already on it with a captivating story.

Jo, on top of it all as ever, has posted the agenda for the 11am meeting on Sunday 26th. Some of us have already put our clocks forward, some of you might do it that day. Make sure you take note. We are also approaching the last call for submitting our pieces for Issue 6.

Then there is the Bragging Stool. Queen Sue shares this with Alyson as both came in first and second for Ad Hoc Fiction. Great going. Jo also had an acceptance with her piece "Home is a feeling...Not a place." The sale of Winnebagos is bound to go up after its publication!

And finally, a meeting of creative minds is set up for the end of April when Angela joins Nicola in the mountains of Northern Spain. We are all welcome to join. Not this time for me, sadly, but thanks for the invite and some day I would like to be part of it, or in Australia as Crilly suggests. It would be nice for all of us to sit and write together. 


This Week on Writers Abroad
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This Week

Jo has given us a list of stimulating muses. She says it “Doesn't have to be polished, the point is to promote writing... and who knows where it may lead you?"  I need this reminder, I often think I don’t have time for the muse, and that is true if I spend hours on making it “right”.   

Angela’s blog on dual citizenship and global citizens has already sparked interest from members. I looked up the word “emotive” after seeing it in the comments a few times. I could not recall seeing it before. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary it says the first known usage of it was in 1830, but in the reader’s commentary several people from the U.S. mentioned how its usage has just recently become popular here. 

It looks like there are a couple of small slots left to fill for the upcoming WA Magazine, which, just a reminder, has a deadline for April 1st.

Nigel’s posted his most recent feature article written for his English Library Newsletter entitled “What’s Your Beef?” It’s about getting a good steak in France and most entertaining. Angela’s post in the March Challenge entitled “Lust” is a piece hard to forget and well worth a read.

Congrats are due for Sue’s “Fur Eise” that received the Highly Commended award from Morgon Baileys 100 word comp, and for Alyson’s 2nd Place award in the same publication. Both Chris and Sue published in the most recent Ad Hoc, this being Sue’s 54th consecutive submission.

Anything I’ve missed please feel free to post in the comments.  Everyone have a great week and may it be filled with productive writing!


This Week on Writers Abroad
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Writers Abroad has had an action packed and exciting week.


First, a whole raft of Successes and Achievements:


Alyson’s Writing Magazine winning story, Last Summer, is impressively in April’s issue. The prize is a place at the Iceland Writers Retreat and we will all look forward to hearing about her experiences when she gets back 


Jo’s (writing as Louise Charles) book All Will be Well is now O.U.T. you can grab a copy here on Amazon I'm already part way through my kindle copy and loving every syllable.


Nicola’s (writing as Nina Croft) new one, Falling for the Bad Girl is now released and here for your enjoyment again on Amazon


Ad Hoc - three of us in this week’s e-book: Laura, Chris N and yours truly (my 53rd week without a break) the prompt word is ‘mint’ so you have until midnight UK time Tuesday to submit a 150-worder. Bath is turning out to be inspirational for me, after receiving my copy of To Carry Her Home, Vol. 1 Bath Flash Fiction, I blogged about how it made me feel, and tweeted the link. Bath have been writing to me... what more can I say?


Now, more about last Sunday's meeting:


I know Jo already covered this in last week’s this week, but the minutes are now posted, for all to catch up. In the main the subject of the WA Mag was discussed, so slots are now filling up. Deadline April 1st.


Still on the topic of the mag; it looks like things are hot to trot with authors’ interviews for this and the next issue. Well done Lesley and Angela for beavering away on that. It’s all looking very exciting.


Blog - Dianne has posted the blog this week - Managing Your Social Media - lots of food for thought there, and we all know how it can run away with our time


Monday Muse for this week is posted by Nicola - with delish words to inspire and a very appropriate image of 4 leafed clovers...


Much going on in Works in Progress, take a gander - enjoy the read. And consider this, many of these works are the beginnings of wondrous things, what an opportunity it is for members to read (and help) seeds of work grow and become successful.


And the March Writing Challenges Opportunities forum is up and running. The more you do, the more you can do...




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This Week on Writers Abroad
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