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A graduate of Oxford University and Warwick Business School, Vanessa Couchman is a novelist, short story writer, freelance writer and consultant and a former Writers Bureau tutor. She has lived in SW France since 1997.

She runs a business offering writing services and coaching in report writing to organisations in the UK and internationally. Vanessa has also written many articles for print magazines and websites on French life, travel and culture and on writing and literary history.

In her spare time (!) Vanessa writes short stories, some of which have won or been placed in competitions and published in anthologies and online. She published a collection of her short stories inspired by and set in France, French Collection:Twelve Short Stories in November 2017.

Vanessa wrote her first novel in November 2012 during National Novel Writing Month. The House at Zaronza, set on Corsica and at the Western Front during WWI, was shortlisted in the Flash 500 Novel Opening Competition in 2013 and published by Crooked Cat Publishing in July 2014.

Her second novel, The Corsican Widow, set in 18th-century Corsica and Marseille, will be published in 2018.

Writing site: Vanessa Couchman author

Blog about French life: Life on La Lune

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Sep 11th

Vanessa & Jill

Thanks for your words on blog. I think narrative is poetry in long hand, experience, events, and feelings. Poetry is short hand. Narrative so much work—so many words! I still hack away at it, but poetry comes so much easier to me, pretty much at once, and uncalled for. I can scribble ‘em out in an hour, make changes a month or years later. I should work harder on narrative. I have two novels, one on third, one of fourth revision. I keep telling myself I’m going to go through one more time. Think that will be my 2019 goal. Last year’s goal was to finish two short stories—novellas? 8,000 words. I have accomplished that this year. Can’t seem to get ‘em published, but they are at last submitable.

Nov 30th 2017

I don't know exactly what you're trying to do, Bruce, but I have just tried copying and pasting in the comments section on Dianne's post and it works. But it may depend on how long the text you wanted to copy is - as Sue said, there may be a character limit for comments on blog posts. Whenever you copy and paste from Word, you have to put the cursor in the comment box and then press Ctrl and V at the same time in order for your text to appear.

P.S. I don't know if you realise, but you are posting on my profile. You might find it helpful to use the onsite email instead. Just go to Inbox in the top RH corner. Then it doesn't take up so much space on the update feed in the left sidebar. 

Nov 30th 2017

It only works for me when I type and entry. Is it not possible to past something here? I seem able to to that in all the other places.

Sep 24th 2017

Hi Bruce, yes I saw it. Sorry you're having difficulties. I don't think you can reply directly to a comment on your profile, but you can post a reply in the Shout Box on your profile. Alternatively, click on Inbox in the very top RH and you can send an email to any member. You should have been sent a quick site guide when you joined. If not, you can find it under FAQs. I know the site isn't that easy to get your head around to start with, but I suggest you spend a bit of time just looking around and seeing what happens where. Most of the activity is in the forums (see top bar), which are private to members. Just be careful not to click on 'delete' anywhere! I think Lesley is away temporarily but hopefully she'll be back early this week and should be able to help you get around. You've managed to post your profile and mug shot, so you're already doing pretty well!

Sep 24th 2017

I saw you message, but have no idea how to respond. Can you see this? I am going crazy trying to learn how to work this site. 


Apr 19th 2017

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks very much for your welcome. I'm looking forward to working here.

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