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I was born in Barry, South Wales, UK and when I married I moved to nearby Penarth, where I have lived for most of my life. I had three children: a son who made a fortune out of IT but he travels a lot and is rarely home, a daughter soon to graduate as a Psychotherapist (I would like to be her first client, but she won't have me.) and another son who was free-spirited, loved life, and died of cancer aged 43. My husband died in 1989. I started writing when my children were small and I got a job with plenty of free time. I have been an office worker, a teacher of shorthand and typing, a competitive chess player, a self-employed curtain and loose cover maker in partnership with my daughter, a tutor of office skills in an organisation that found jobs for no-hopers (very worthwhile), and a teacher of chess, keyboard skills and creative writing at evening classes�- but always scribbling fiction in every bit of free time. Like so many who take up writing, I was captured for life. But I can't think of any other occupation that would give me so much pleasure and, though my successes are small, so much satisfaction. I moved to Australia in December, 2008 to live with my daughter and her family and have become an active writer again with the luxury of unlimited free time. I have four projects on the go: my third book for Mills & Boon, a children's book which was lost and recently found, a mainstream romantic fiction novel and learning how to use the internet. Since joining Writers Abroad I realise how bleak it is writing in a vacuum - and that writing can and should be fun!

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