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Nov 26th

I've been trying to make contact since 4 pm. My Skype was screwed up. I have no idea how to get in touch with thisSunday meeting on skype.

Apr 19th

Hi Bieke,

Thanks for your emails, introduction and welcome. I appreciate the time you've given.

Apr 5th 2016

Thank you for that insight.  We can't lose site of the joy of creating.  I love the last part - the notification on your tracker and your reaction.

Apr 5th 2016

Thank you Bieke for your response to my bio! I wrote this then felt sily about it so that was good to hear your feedback.  I was feeling decidedly rebellious about writing another bio, nothing to do with the privilage of posting one on WA but because I'm, as usual, feeling like I've failed somehow with my most recent output as a writer.  I need to look squarly at this defect of mine that tells me I'm never enough in this arena.  Perhaps one of us will blog on this, I'd be curious to see how others might have overcome this ridiculousness or are still fighting the battle!  Anyway, you cheered me up for sure, and that's what I love about this site, the support.

Mar 21st 2016

Hi Bieke

Thanks for the welcome, I think I am the latest new kid on the block. I am enjoying the experience of finding my way around the site.


Feb 4th 2016

Welcome, Bieke, I've found the group friendly and most helpful. I know you will as well.

Feb 3rd 2016

This must have slipped me by. Welcome to Writers Abroad!

Feb 2nd 2016

Welcome, Bieke. Hope you'll get stuck in and find what you are looking for here.

Feb 2nd 2016

Oops ...that should be Chris Hadfield!

Feb 2nd 2016

Not quite last ...the dreaded time difference again!

A big welcome to Writers Abroad, Bieke. I look forward to reading your work and getting to know you.

(As for Ontario - my son-in-law hails from Kitchener and Chris Bradfield ( The Canadian Astronaut ) from Ontario too I believe - must be a good place!)

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