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Dec 8th 2017
Hi Alyson,
Still trying to find my feet... Not easy when you are lying sideways in a kilt. I am Scots born, which may become more obvious as I submit on the site.
Thanks for the welcome. Look forward to reading your work.
Nov 27th 2017
Bruce, email Jo about the Skype. She is the whizz on this.
Nov 26th 2017

I am trying to join the Skype meeting but have no idea how to do that. I have a new Skype account, my old one was screwed up.

Sep 25th 2017

Thanks Alyson. I am starting to find my way around. Still making some mistakes.

Apr 19th 2017

Hi Alyson,

Thanks very much for your welcome. I liked your piece with the lavender aroma. Just trying to drum up the courage to post something of my own.

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