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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
This Week on Writers Abroad: 14 April
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Death of Awesome, Birth of Digital Dementia
Posted by Angela

On Good Friday I got back home from a brief sojourn in the Yorkshire Dales with some dear friends. One particularly glorious morning we went...Read More

This Week on Writers Abroad: 14 April
Posted by Vanessa Couchman

Jo is away in the UK this week and I think weve had a slight mix-up about the This Week slot, so Ill stand in....Read More

Iiterary or Popular Fiction?
Posted by Doreen

Literary or Popular fiction?

At a recent meeting of my Discussion Lunch Group, we were invited to consider a study published in the U.S....Read More

Reading, Writing and Blog-Banks!
Posted by Crilly

Having gazed out of my dining room window for ten minutes praying for inspiration and waiting for the perfect subject to write about, I have...Read More

This Week On WA 31st March
Posted by Dianne Ascroft

The clocks jumped forward an hour in Britain this weekend to Daylight Savings Time and Im feeling slightly dazed this morning (no alcohol was involved,...Read More

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