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Writing, Critiquing, Support, Networking

Writing, Reading, Knitting, Sewing, Cooking, Genealogy

Favorite Music
Easy listening, Country, Irish

Favorite Movies
The Colour Purple, The Fully Monty, Jean de Florette, Manon de Sources, Silent Running, Cinema Paradiso

Favorite Books
The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, The Belgariad/Mallorian Fantasy Epic, Any Tom Sharpe, Any Bill Bryson and many others.

Favorite Quotations
If there were a mountain a thousand miles high and every thousand years a bird flew over it, just brushing the peak with the tip of its wing, in the course of inconceivable eons the mountain would be worn away. Yet all those ages would not be one second to the length of eternity. (Unknown) Knock the ‘t’ off the word can’t, and you can. (My mother)

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You can find out more about my writing at http://www.wikinut.com and http://www.5minutefiction.co.uk

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Mar 19th 2016

Hi Hamish

Thanks for a lovely welcome.  Vanessa has also been in touch and mentioned a get together in the near future.  We are actually on the D40 between the 2 crossroads, Bez/Naussac and Peyrusse/Naussac. There is only one road on the D40 between the two crossroads, and it is a cul-de cac, leading to us.  Feel free to make a detour if you feel like refreshment after playing squash , or even before playing.  You are obviously much fitter than I.

I have seen most of the films from Pangol's stories and read some of his books (with a struggle, though my French has improved)  I have seen John de Florette/Manon des Sources several times, the end of the story always triggers my emotions.  Much of the story was filmed in Mirabeau in Provence, it is the Mirabeau village fountain which was used in the films.  My husband (French) has family there and we were married in Mirabeau.

I am looking forward tpo becoming involved wit the group, I am sure it's going to be very enjoyable.




Mar 19th 2016
A very warm welcome, Lesley! I should love to meet up. I pass a signpost to Naussac on my way to my squash club in Figeac. I am a fan also of Marcel Pagnol's writing.
Mar 19th 2016

You're welcome, Lesley! :)

Mar 19th 2016

Hi Vanessa

Thanks you for your lovely warm welcome.  It's amazing, of the twenty or so members worldwide, three of us live within minutes by car.  I actually live in Naussac, between Capdenac and Salles Courbatiers.  Maybe yourself, Hamish and I should meet up sometime.  I cannot wait to become invlolved in the groups activities.

Mar 19th 2016

Hi Angela

Thank you for your lovley welcome.  I am really looking forward to being a member and beccoming involved with the group.

Mar 19th 2016

Hi, Lesley Anne. Welcome on board! I live in Amsterdam, there are two of us from WA in the Netherlands. I hope you will enjoy your time here and get a lot out of being a member of our group.

Mar 19th 2016

Hi Lesley Anne, and a warm welcome to Writers Abroad. You are the third from this area of France! Hamish lives in Aveyron and I live in Tarn-et-Garonne, but not far from the border with Aveyron. I see you live near Figeac, which is about 50 minutes from me. I also love Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources. I hope you'll enjoy WA and get a lot out of it. Don't hesitate to ask if you need any help. 

Mar 19th 2016

Hi Everyone

I am delighted to be invited to join what I am certain is an elite bunch of writers and looking forward to getting to know eveyone.  I live in the Aveyron in France near Figeac and have already discovered that two fellow members live only a spit distance from me. 

Mar 19th 2016

Lesley Truchet is native English and lives in France.  She has been writing for several years and has a number of short stories, articles and poetry published on paper and on the internet and is currently writing her first novel..

Lesley has been a member of The Oldham Writing Café since its nascence in 2008.