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This is the last week of 2014 and weíre in the middle of the holiday season so things are a bit quieter than usual on WA but there are still some writerly things happening.

Monday Muse Ė Jo has set a couple first sentences, as well as the theme ĎHow Time Stopped Around Youí, to get us thinking. She has also provided two intriguing images, including a headstone that has a link to Christmas.

Blog Ė Crilly shares some interesting information about health and writing with us.

Bragging Stool Ė Vesna holds the stool uncontested this week. She was hired for her first copywriting job by a hotel in Toronto.

Anthology Genres: Thereís one week left for you to weigh into the discussion about which genres (non-fiction, fiction, poetry) the next anthology will include. If you havenít voted on the forum thread, please vote by Monday, 5th January.

The January Challenges have been posted. There are a variety of competition opportunities, including contests looking for longer entries.

Itís the time of year again for reflection and goal setting. Our Writing Goals 2015 forum is now open for you to lay bare your soul and commit yourself to your writing goals for the coming year.

Our next informal chat is on Sunday, 11th January.

Best wishes to all our members for a bright year ahead in every aspect of your lives and lots of writing success. Itís a few days early but Happy New Year to all WAers!

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Can you describe your novel in a couple lines? Itís not easy to sum up a book in such a short space and also encapsulate the flavour of it but thatís what authors have to do when marketing their novels. Itís called a tagline and I had to write one last week for the novel Iím currently working on. I jotted down lots of ideas and possibilities, re-wrote them and tried again, looking for what would help to sell my novel to the agent I was scheduled to meet at the Historical Novel Societyís conference in London last weekend.

Taglines are often used on the covers of books or as the heading for the back cover blurb to entice readers. The idea is to draw in the reader and make them want to read more. I know it works because when Iím browsing in a shop or online I have to pick up a book that has an interesting tagline and find out more. ††

It works and looks effortless, but it isnít easy to write. It has to do a lot in a short space: it needs to provide a sense of what and who the book is about concisely.

It also needs to convey a sense of the setting, mood or tone, and theme of the book as well as defining what genre it is. So the wording has to be chosen carefully to provide not only information but also to create the atmosphere that will appeal to the type of reader who will likely enjoy the book. Add an emotional punch that grabs the reader and it will be a winner.

When I set out to write my tagline I googled information on how to write one, as well as examples to help me concoct my own. Thereís a lot written on the topic but the recurring theme seems to be that a tagline should be clear and simple. Multi-syllable words arenít necessary or desirable. It should be easy to understand so the reader gets the message. Thatís what writers must aim for.

Taglines make me think of water-filled snow globes, the ones that have a tiny scene inside and when you shake them tiny snowflakes fall on the scene. You look into them and see a tiny world inside a glass ball. If a tagline is well written it brings an image of the story to life in the readerís mind and makes them want to step into that world.

This Week On Writers Abroad
Category: Site News

Today is an important date for WA members. Itís the deadline to submit any material (poems, stories, interviews etc) we have for the new WA Magazine. Donít forget to get your writing in. The first issue will be released on 1st September. Readers can sign up to receive the magazine at:

Blog: John has jumped in on short notice to give us this weekís blog post. Itís an interesting piece about how to go about writing a script. As John points out, we all enjoy watching drama, especially television series, but few of us write for this medium. So he has given us some tips to get started.

Monday Muse: Johnís been busy this week. Heís also provided some prompts to get us writing.

Bragging Stool: Several people are sharing the stool this week. Joís novel, The Dukeís Shadow, has been featured in Membersí News in the September issue of Writers News. The novel was shortlisted in the Writers Village International Novel Award. Keeping with magazine mentions, two of our members, Jill and Alyson, were shortlisted for the 750 word short story in the September issue of Writers Magazine.

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Monday, March 16, 2015
This Week on Writers Abroad
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