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This Week 8th February 2016
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This Week  - 08/02/2016

Firstly, a warm welcome back to Jo. We missed you!

Secondly, can I say that the group energy leaping out of my lap-top screen is almost tangible – great to see so much activity on our site.

The Bragging Stool.

Sue takes pride of place as she made it into ‘Adhoc’  again with a story called, ‘How to Lose your Leg – A step by step guide’.

Congratulations Sue!  If you haven’t already voted for Sue’s story, I am pretty sure there is still time to do so.

Monday Muse

Nicola will provide us with some wonderful Monday muses; of this I have no doubt. (As we are about to go out & tomorrow I will be at work I can’t highlight any further right now.)


Alyson has written the blog this week challenging us to step outside of our comfort zone and consider writing in another genre. Plenty of food for thought in her blog read it and you’ll see what I mean! J

Our next informal meeting is this weekend coming – Sunday 14th February at 11am CET on Skype.

Our next formal meeting is Sunday 28th February with Jo in the chair. 11am CET on Skype.

That seems to be all but please let me know if I have overlooked something.

Hoping you all have a lovely writing-filled and happy week!

Wasabi anyone?
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Yes, it does say ‘wasabi’.

            No, it is not a normal flavour for chocolate, even in Japan.

            For those of you who may not know, wasabi is from the brassica family that includes cabbages, horseradish and mustard. It has a hot mustardy taste, unpalatable to me, but much loved by the Japanese. So much so they put it in many things that leave me wide-eyed with surprise such as wasabi almonds, soft ice cream and Kit Kats.

            I haven’t tried the Kit Kats. I’ve tried the apple ones, but wasabi takes me outside my comfort zone.

            As I packaged up a box of different flavoured Kit Kats for my family before Christmas, a niggardly voice inside nagged, “as a writer you should experience these things. Step outside your safe circle.”

            “Push off,” argued the voice of reason. “You won’t like them!” I pressed down the sticky tape. Debate over.

            But niggardly voice and voice of reason continued to battle it out. They became involved in other things too.

            “A science fiction competition. It’s free to enter,” offered niggardly voice.

            “You don’t write sci-fi,” snapped voice of reason. “You can’t do it.”

            I entered. I didn’t win (“told you so” said voice of reason) but I was long-listed. I suspect my entry wasn’t sci-fi enough for the competition, but I did it. I ventured a little way outside my comfort zone and it wasn’t too bad. So this year I’m challenging myself — slightly. I’m not listening to voice of reason and I going to try some new writing markets. A little crime perhaps, maybe cosy, but different from my usual writing, and maybe a little humour.

            How about you? Can you step outside your comfort zone and write in a different genre?

            Challenge yourself this year!

However, I might not be ready for the wasabi Kit Kats, but I might try the blueberry or sweet potato…

writing vs not writing
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Oh dear! What do you do when struck with writer’s block? When you feel panicky at never writing again? At totally drying up?

And what do you do when you get Blog Block? Which also involves Freudian slip of memory to even look at the planner?

I have been struck by all of these.

But … all is not lost. I have dragged myself out of this slime of despondency by trawling through my old work, until I found something I did during a creative writing course. Severely criticised, shelved forever in despair, but now returned to with a bit more savvy and confidence. 

It’s amazing what practice, feedback, carrot and stick can do. 

And the good thing is – there’s still more lurking in there. I actually found that I could look at this ‘old work’ with fresh eyes, and even found it fun to (re) work on.

I do wonder though whether any of you ‘hit this wall’? And what you do about it?


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This Week 8th February 2016
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            No, it is not a normal flavour for chocolate, even in Japan.

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