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Amazon to Align Payments with how much Customers Read
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Amazon to Align Payments with how much Customers Read

What? Really? They cant do that!

This was a headline that caught my eye a couple of weeks back as it may just have caught your eye.

And these were all thoughts that leapt into my head, before further reading of the article showed it doesnt refer to books that have been purchased but those that are borrowed as part of Kindle Unlimited. Amazon used to pay when readers had got ten per cent of the way through a book but the new system would pay each time readers turned a page and pages would be standardized to ensure some fairness with this. Writers would be paid fairly according to the length of their novel and if readers abandoned it would have access to data showing at what point it was dropped.

The writer of the article goes on to say she thinks Amazon is unlikely to proceed with this but she wonders how this would affect other things, for example how would it be if readers got a refund for books they didnt finish?

How would this affect you?

Personally I usually finish a novel if I have the copy in my hand, but I am not so good at finishing books I read on the ipad. I am not sure if this is the physical awkwardness of the machine or the look of the book, but Ive been known to abandon books by both new and high paid writers when the text is on the Kindle.

Taking this a step further I have many books on my bookshelves from which Ive only read a few pages. Take travel books one section maybe well thumbed, coffee-stained and pizza-dribbled but other parts are crisp and pristine. I have non-fiction coffee table type books that only see the light of day each time we move and I flick through them to decide if we are keeping or discarding them. What would happen if they were paid for a on a page per view basis? If most people are like me, the writers, photographers and publishers would be quickly out of business.

Amazon seems to be stacking the odds in favour of the readers. As a reader I can seem some advantages but as a writer I cannot condone their plans. Read the article and see what you think.

This Week on WA
Category: Site News

The summer is heating up here in Italy and it's difficult to concentrate beyond 10am but I'm not complaining, honest.

Doreen has set this weeks Muses, a combination of prompts that will hopefully spark a little bit of creativity somewhere!

I'm not sure about the Blog as Alyson is in the UK with limited access so if not, then we have a week free of the blog... unless someone has something they want to talk about and if so, feel free!

On the Bragging Stool we have Glyn with his poem St Augustine which won the June prize over at Poetry Pulse.

Doreen has been busy pulling the bits and pieces together for the WA Magazine, I've yet to write the editorial but will get on to it.

The Anthology is now in the editing phase and Vesna is working on the cover. I've had lots of emails from successufl (and unsuccessful) authors thanking us for the opportunity to take part. Now we really must get on with our submissions. It's my priority goal this week!

There's an informal Chat next Sunday if anyone wants to pop in. I won't be able to make it... missing our catch ups.

I'm not sure there is much else but if I've missed anything just shout out.

Have a good Writing Week

Site news Monday 29 June 2015
Category: Site News

We have busy times ahead with editing our new anthology. Thank you, Jo, for your latest update. Also Doreen, for update on our September Magazine. Important, though, to keep writing, and we have some tempting muses from Angela this week.

Jo brings us fully up to date in her blog. Plus some impressive statistics! Now on to the editing, and our own submissions.

Our Formal Chat was cancelled this month due to most being here, there and everywhere. Next one on 26 July, and chaired by Crilly.

Alyson has started our Writing Challenge for July with Erewash Writers Group open Competition, and Writing Magazine 1000 word open theme story Competition. Also contributions from Vesna, and from Paola, including Chris Allens travel writing competition, closing 15 July.

Plenty of Bragging this week! A lovely letter to Angela from Great Escape anthology organiser for her Swanning Around story. Im sure wed all like to have a letter like that to keep for when were down in the dumps. Wonder what youll decide, Angela?

Jill Browns Homeward Bound has gone live on FlashFlood. Well done, Jill. Definitely a fully adult brag!

Vanessas little brag The House at Zaronza, has unaccountably been doing well on Amazon. Im sure theres nothing unaccountable with Amazon!

Im not sure where we are in the saga of Glyns car, but do hope things are now easier for him.


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Monday, July 06, 2015
This Week on WA
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Amazon to Align Payments with how much Customers Read

What? Really? They cant do that!

This was a headline that caught...Read More

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