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What's the Deal with Writing?
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I would like to start with an apology because despite Joís best efforts to keep me on track, I have managed to be late (again) posting something up onto the site. Monday was a public holiday in Hong Kong and we went to a friendís barbeque during the day. It was so ridiculously hot Ė in between several bursts of heavy rain Ė that all I could do when I got home was bathe & put the baby to bed, then collapse onto the sofa with a big bowl of ice-cream. †Apologies again.

Currently Iím reading a book called: Year of Fire Dragons: An American Womanís Story of Coming of Age in Hong Kong by Shannon Young, which I will be reviewing for our September magazine. She tells the story of herself when she was first in Hong Kong. She was 22, working as a teacher in a local school and starting to pursue her dreams to be an editor and/or writer. Now she is a little older (Iím not sure by how much, but I think sheís still in her twenties) and I know Ė from her website Ė that she has given up her job as a teacher and is writing/editing full-time. She has already published a couple of books and edited an anthology.

And Iím jealous. Really, really jealous. I donít begrudge her, please donít misunderstand me. Iím very happy for her. But I want it for me too and I just canít see it happening any time soon, or at all some days. A couple of months ago I was fired up and managed to find some more time for writing: the odd 30-40 minutes before class, or when the baby was napping. I even sometimes had enough energy in the evenings. And then poof! It was gone and I donít know where it went, but Iím back to feeling like I canít do it.

And the problem is, I donít really know what it is I want to do. At the moment writing is a hobby and I enjoy it. Do I really want it to become a job, a job that I might one day dislike with deadlines and editors breathing down my neck? †Or would being a full-time writer really be like a dream come true?

What do you think? Where do you want your writing to take you? †

This Week on Writers Abroad, 25May
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We had a good meeting yesterday and, of course, the anthology was top of the agenda. There was some debate on number of submissions compared to others years and their quality. Iíve read some that have been good, others not quite as good and a few that were totally baffling. We all expect the best is yet to come as contributors brush up their entries (and we work on our own entries). So, donít forget to publicise the call for submissions whenever you can. And, of course, the magazine deadline is looming slowly.

Thereís plenty of choice in Maritís muses. Some standalone subjects or perhaps the more daring among us could attempt a mix Ďní match. Iím sure ďlightĒ could be included in all of them!

Laura's interesting blog tackles the differences between writing as a caraar, in its many forms, and writing for pleasure.

The Sagging Stool is pretty bendy under the weight of some membersí disappointments, so the anthology and magazine are excellent showcases for our collective talents.

By the way, isnít the desk of next monthís spotlighted member tidyÖ

This week on Writers Abroad, 18th May
Category: Site News

Apologies for my tardiness! Anyway, here goes for an update from all that is WA this week.

Monday Muse Ė Jo has provided us with juicy snippets of dialogue, tantalising random words and some first line prompts. There are a couple of spooky pictures too, with an understated use of light to get you writing for the anthology.

Blog- Crilly has written a marvellous piece, using the analogy of a river to represent our writing when it's flowing naturally. But of course there are obstacles in the form of flotsam and jetsam - otherwise known as FB, Twitter and social media in general. Do read and join the discussion!

Bragging Stool Ė A little quiet this week. I think we have all got our heads down, writing or reading for the anthology.

Anthology Ė Submissions are still coming in. I've been impressed by the quality of the poetry we've received so far. Onwards and upwards to an all time great anthology this year!

Our next†formal chat†is on Sunday, 24th†May.

Lastly, if you haven't done so already, please hop over to the anthology forum and have a look at the mock-up covers Vesna and I have posted. We'd like to hear which one you favour so that we can take it from there. Thanks :)

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Monday, May 25, 2015
This Week on Writers Abroad, 25May
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