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Angela's thought provoking blog last week made me think about how I get to that point of putting pen to paper. Definitely the seeds come from my subconscious but like Alyson, I often need to do some mundane task in order for the seed to bear fruit. Swimming is good for me. I give myself a time in the pool rather than count lengths and therefore, during my swim, I can think freely and develop the possibilities for a story or poem.

As to whether my subconscious is predominately the dark place or the place which shines a  light on my creativity is questionable. I know there have been times when I have not written using an idea that came to me in dream time. When that happens, am I afraid of exposing that idea to the cold light of day? Perhaps I should be braver and take the reins of that unruly horse.

Hamish's comment too, rings true for me. Whilst I don't always start with a character but rather an idea, I tend to plan and structure as an afterthought.  Ideas leap at me and I find myself rethinking to accommodate them when, if I am honest, a well prepared structure would eliminate the possibility of even considering adding many of those ideas to my work. They should be dutifully filed for future reference. Quite often my project becomes a runaway horse, so unruly I don't have the energy to rein it in and the venture is shelved.

Lewis Hou's results uphold creativity being alienated from planning, organisation and social inhibition. Many renowned works identify the authors as putting themselves on the spot, unconcerned by disapproval. Consciously or subconsciously? Probably the latter in most cases.

Having read Angela's blog and analysed my own approach, two things occur to me. Firstly, it seems I really can't help not being a planner once the creative juices have commenced their flow. Secondly, I reject some subconscious ideas because I don't want disapproval - strong conscious thought at play here.

The question is, can I use this knowledge to beneficial conscious effect?  And will it result in a best seller?

This Week on Writers Abroad
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Monday Muse

Sue responded to the latest Monday Muse with her most recent excerpt from the splendid Sheila and Mike saga, this week featuring the couple Jethroe and Figment, their daughter Rainbow and son Polo.  I love the names. 

The Writing Room

Bieke posted a beautiful poem ‘Sunday morning like any’ inspired by a poster lying on a pavement which she photographed, destined for the WA mag.  She is patiently awaiting requested feedback. 

Works in Progress

Sue posted an unusual celebration cake recipe, complete with candles and decoration – for dogs, also destined for the WA mag. 

The Bragging Stool

Sue and Laura swivelled on the stool again, their latest word wonders having clocked up their 30th week of continuous publication with Ad Hoc Fiction.  A well-deserved weekly ego booster for both of them.

 The Meeting Room

 Jo posted the agenda for the formal chat on Sunday 28th at 4pm.  Please attend if you can.

WA E-Magazine

Jo posted the content requirement for the next mag issue which is pretty much full of names already.  It’s great to see that everyone was quick to volunteer their services, skills and scripts.

Angela posted a link to a useful site ‘Pixabay’ where free images can be obtained, useful when you need to illustrate a piece of work.

The formal chat meeting on the 28th August was attended by nine members.  Lots of ideas were thrown around for the forthcoming WA magazine issue.  Details will be in the minutes.

I hope I haven’t missed anything or anyone.  If so, I apologise sincerely, but accept no responsibility or liability etc …

This Week on Writers Abroad
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The Writers Abroad Blog features an essay on the writer’s voice by Angela, where she connects the voice to the unconscious and gives some useful tips on how to access the unconscious. I can’t wait to find out who amongst us is a Dressage Rider and who a Rodeo Rider. On Monday Muse, Sue has already posted a number of prompts, the pictures in shades of red and grey, and the prompts come replete with useful instruction about scenes and sequels. On Works in Progress, both Sue and Crilly have posted possible contributions for the Magazine so we can give them all our wonderful support and feedback. I would also imagine that it is time for the rest of us to give a thought to what we want to contribute to the magazine and then to polish it and send it in.

On the Notice Board, Lesley Anne gives us a useful site that can help us count how often we use words in a story. As we all know, not over-using a word helps to elevate a piece of writing.  Lesley Anne also posted a link to Free Writing Competitions. I always like those because paying for each piece you submit can add up.

This takes us to the Bragging Stool: Sue and Laura have done it again and are included in “Adhoc Fiction”. Sue has left the URL with a challenge to all of us to give it a try. Sue also let us know that the edition of “100 Voices” with her story in it will go on sale as of September 23. Yours truly will also shout out a few brags: just learned I got 87% on my first course for a Creative Writing Certificate at the University of Guelph. One down, seven to go! I am also in my fifth week of a seven-week online course with University of Iowa on “Whitman’s Civil War: Writing and imagining loss, death, and disaster” and honing the craft of poetry. 


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Sunday, August 28, 2016
This Week on Writers Abroad
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