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This Week January 16th. 2017
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Monday Muse

Inspiration by Dianne - four from six sentences appear in members' books - do you know which? Also a black and white photo - what does it tell you?  


Nicola has provided this week's blog - SMART goal setting.

January Opportunities

Angela is about to submit to Furious Gazelle 2017 February Writing Contest with her excellent story 'Stopping for Lucifer'.

Alyson has posted another opportunity - Crediton Literary Festival.

Check out Sue and Crilly's Reflex tales.

Works in Progress

Sue and Lesley have posted great dialogues for the WM competition.

Alyson has written 'Fulfilling a Dream' for On the Premises.

Sue has posted 'Postcards from an island' for the WM Epistolary comp

The Notice Board

Crilly has recommended reading Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf.

Sue has been asked to write 5,000 words on the subject of 'our mothers'. And on a run, she is also writing a back cover blurb for a colouring book containing images of Nova Scotia. As if the fame is not sufficient, she is to be paid for her work. Well done, Sue.

Jo and Simon are planning a trip to Gibraltar after Easter (2nd half of April). Great opportunity to meet up with some members. Nell and Pootie will be in tow.

A new contest from Bieke -

The Bragging Stool

Sue's 47th. week in Ad Hoc with her story 'My Letter'.

Chris N - just opened emails from 404words and two of her three entries have been accepted - A Red Rose and Bribery. The second is an extremely short FF!

Formal chat: Sunday, January 22nd. at 11 a.m. CET with Jo in the chair.

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Well, it’s that time of year again—goal setting time. Actually, I’m a little late, but I was totally distracted in December due to the procurement and arrival of the newest member of my household (but in my own defence I did actually have a goal to get a horse.) And here’s a picture of Rufino just because…

So goals. Do we need them? Should we plot out our writing lives with a detailed, in-depth outline, or should we pants our way through the year, writing what we like, when we like (and having heart attacks when we realize we have a deadline looming and no book.)

I love the idea of setting theory. Among other things, I think goal setting gives focus, motivation and direction. And I also think it’s great to share your goals—seems to make the whole process a little more accountable. But I’m not that good at following them in practice and I don’t get too bothered if I deviate along the way.

I tend to think in terms of long term-goals—where do I want to be in five years? (okay, if I’m honest, I never get very far with this one—just too difficult.) Medium—what do I want to achieve this year? Usually an overall wordcount and a list of books to write. And short term—what do I need to do today? I’m not the most organized of people, but I’ve I’ve started doing daily lists on OneNote and each morning I jot down a list of the things I want to do that day. So today I have – WA Blog, Plot Brazen 3, send outline of spec book to Liz, goals for 2017.

To help me get started writing this blog, I looked up goal setting on google and SMART goals came up again and again. So what is a SMART goal:

Specific: I’m going to write specific books (actually this is the bit that’s proving difficult at the moment—I’m not sure what I want to do) and I’m going to ride Rufino every other day.

Measurable:  I’m going to write 600k words this year. And Rufino is going to be fit enough to do a 60km ride in April.

Attainable: Okay 600k might be a little ambitious, maybe 400k? And 40km for Rufino (He huffs and puffs going up hills at the moment—I don’t think he’s very fit.)

Relevant: each individual goal should be relevant to where you want to get to and as soon as I’ve decided that...

Time-bound: every goal should have a time frame. This might be dictated by deadlines or self-imposed.

So with number 1 crossed off my daily list, I’m off to work out what I plan to do for the next twelve months. Do you all set goals—if so are you SMART about it? If not—why not?

This Week on WA 9th January 2017
Category: Site News

Already the second week of 2017! Doesn't time fly. Plenty to inspire and keep us writing on Writers Abroad this week.

The forum, Writing Goals for 2017 is up and ready for us. Sue, Dianne and Jo have already posted their aims for this year. Have you thought about yours yet? I am laid up with a debilitating cold so will see if I can get my fuzzy head around it soon.

Pieces by Alyson, Crilly and Sue are on the January challenges forum awaiting your input, so do have a look if you have time.

Blog: Jill has written an apposite blog about blogging! I like what you have done there, Jill. Useful tips and links for established bloggers and inspiration for new blog ideas. No need to suffer from blogger's block any longer.

Monday Muse: Vanessa has posted some wonderful prompts around the theme of wintery weather. The Muse forum was hot with no less than nine submissions last week; so let's keep it up and see if we can break the record number of muses in one week which currently stands at? Anyone been keeping track?

Bragging Stool: A little quiet right now but perhaps like flower bulbs we need some quiet hibernation time in order to blossom in the spring.

Jo has updated the planner so please have a look and make a note in your diaires of when you are doing what.

Good luck with your writing this week and I'll leave you with this quote by Margaret Atwood. 'If I waited for perfection... I would never write a word.'


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Monday, January 16, 2017
This Week January 16th. 2017
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