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Mosey, my cat usually sits on my worktable or on my lap as I work. ‘Editing’,however, consists mainly of strange and creative contortions on the screen if he decides to drape himself across the keyboard. Here he is wearing his dreamy, poetic look.








I write mainly short stories and flash fiction. This often takes the form of small incidents, characters – people and animals. Rather than write any formal kind of autobiography, I prefer to fictionalise these small incidents and characters who have played some part in my life. Many of these are taken from my travels.  I occasionally enter competitions but I have also home published a booklet of my stories in a limited edition. In writing these stories my greatest pleasure lies in playing around and discovering just the right word or turn of phrase. This can mean spending much time on something very short, editing and re-editing to find balance and rythm. I am therefore a great admirer of the French writer Flaubert who could spend a whole morning just on one sentence! Well, if he did …

I have been a member of Writers Abroad now for around four years. I find it a great support, and member’s feedback and encouragement has been invaluable. 


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